A short project to solve indecisiveness when choosing what to eat 🤬

Roo-ulette, your newest Deliveroo addition

2 weeks sprint, team of 1

What I covered in this project
User Research, Task Analysis, Information Architecture, UX, UI, Wire-framing, User flow, Prototyping.

Final outcome
1x High fidelity prototype

Disclaimer: Neither I nor this project is affiliated with Deliveroo in any way. This is only a personal project, intending to use Deliveroo as a grounded example.


As a full-time product designer, I help people solve their problems on a daily basis. Then a thought hit me, why not use these skillsets to solve one of my…

A case study on launching an Australian edu-tech startup.

2 weeks, team of 4

My Role
User and Market Research, Product Strategy, Branding, Lead UX/UI designer, Prototyping, Client Presentation

Hi-fidelity website prototype, Branding and content guide, Final recommendations and research report.

Case Study Summary

What we did

At the end of this project, we

  1. Validated + designed the product / market offering and-
  2. Established an online presence for Captain 7 — an edu-tech startup aiming to bring Design Thinking education into classrooms.

A UX case study on designing a children book website with a focus on curation, description, and a virtual book-keeper.

2 weeks, team of 4

My Role
User and Competitive Research, UX, UI, Branding, Motion Design, User flow, Task Analysis, Information Architecture, Prototyping, and Presentation

1x Website prototype, 1x Client Presentation

*We are not affiliated with Readings in any way, shape or form. This was a conceptual project done as part of further learning with General Assembly*

Case Study Summary 📦

What we did

We were approached by Readings, a Melbourne based bookstore, who are seeking to expand their online services with the focus on…

Mobile screens for the VITA app
Mobile screens for the VITA app

A UX case study on how to eat better by growing a plant.


2 weeks, group of 4

My Role

Customer research & insights, Product strategy, Ideation, Branding, UX and UI, Motion design

Project Overview

We were approached by a non-profit health organisation (VITA) to help people build better lives by reducing their risk of chronic disease through the development of a mobile app.

Focusing on prevention than treatment, VITA’s main proposition is using behaviour science to change people’s habits for a healthier lifestyle.The high level mission is to empower people to achieve a healthier, fuller life through sustainable lifestyle and diet choices.


If most cases of chronic disease can be prevented just by making better diet choices, why are they still the no.1 killer in almost every countries?

Melvin Dinata

A Product / UX Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I create things that live on the screens, in real life, or somewhere in between.

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